The Dean's Cat
(vol. 22, no. 2, summer 2010)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

The Deanís Cat, Max Gutmann, viii

SchrŲdingerís Ghosts, C.B. Calsing, 1

Sweet White Mice, P. Burroughs, 12

The Deanís Cat illustration, Ted von Dameck, 13

From the Deanís Catís Commonplace Book,
L. N. Allen, 14

Black Tie, Elizabeth Creith, 15

Coffin, Christopher Giroux, 20

The Deanís Cat, Raymond Olson, 21

Provenance: ďThe Deanís CatĒ, Clare R. Goldfarb, 33

Quote/Unquote, Bruce D. Herman, 52

The Deanís Cat, photograph, Mark Lewis, 53

The Catís Dean, Phyllis Berentsen, 54

All Those Angelsí Wings, Beating Round,
Michele Merens, 55

Silent Prophet, John Davis, 64

Lucifer and the Mad Monsignor, Norbert Petsch, 65

Deconstructing a Black Cat, Richard T. Rauch, 75

Pozzo, Paulo Campos, 77

Reading the Cat, Maggie Vanesse, 95

The Deanís Cat, Chris Abernethy, 98

Premise: Communication, 99

Cover collage by Nancy Ryan Keeling