The Printer's out of Ink!
(vol. 27, no. 1, spring 2015)

[stories, short-shorts, poems

The Price of Ink, John Grey, viii

All According to the Plan, Linda Horton, 1

This Next Part, Neal Holtschulte, 10

On the Superiority of Quills, Leonard H. Roller, 11

The Printer’s out of Ink, Virginia Butler, 13

Ink! Ink! My Kingdom for a Vat of Ink!, Lorraine Merrin, 15

Remi, Patricia Hefler, 17

Goodbye, Betty Lipton, 24

Out of Ink, H. B. Salzer, 25

A Philosophical Type of River, Judith Overmier, 32

Death of the Canon, Leslie Lewinter-Suskind, 33

Out Of, John Grey, 59

Thinking out Loud on “The Printer’s out of Ink,”
     David W. Walker. 61

Debora’s Pen cartoon, Devyani Borade. 68

The Printer’s out of Ink, Joan Leotta. 69

Small Talk, Jayson Hawkins. 71

Press, James Penha. 75

Eyes Remembered, Rebecca L. Brown. 77

Running Out, Ruth Holzer. 82

Premise: Communication. 83

Cover photos by VHoward