In Kay's Kitchen
(vol. 21, no. 3, autumn 2009)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Country Mother (illustration), Malaika Favorite, viii
In Nanny Kayís Kitchen, Malaika Favorite, 1
Bottles (illustration), Linda Piwowarczk, 14
A Hot Day for Canning, Lorene Hoover, 15
Kayís Dishes, Greta Bolger, 24
Tea Cakes and Relativity, Judy Creekmore, 25
Making Penne with Basil-Seafood Sauce, Lori Williams, 31
Cooking Lessons, Mary Kay McAllister, 33
Clues Left in Pictures, John Parker, 51
Cupboard (illustration), Linda Piwowarczk, 54
Breakfast Serial, Brenda Bellinger, 55
The History of Kays, Robert Manaster, 57
Clean Hands, Michael Fontana, 59
In Winter after 16 Years, Nina Soifer, 64
In-Between Moments, Sky Andrews Gerspacher, 65
Kayís Kitchen, Judy Swann, 83
Hog Fat (illustration), Malaika Favorite, 84
Comfort Food, Heidi Durig Heiby, 85
Last Supper, Sharon Lask Munson, 88
Vitamins, Mark Krieger, 89
Mushrooms, Rosalie Calabrese, 104
The Other Half, Terese Pampellonne,105
Sign on a Wall, Tom Sheehan, 111
Ham Bones (illustration), Malaika Favorite, 112

Cover painting by Gail Howard
Background recipes from Letís Eat! by John L. Howard, Sr.