The Left Handed Club
(vol. 26, no. 1, spring 2014)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Little Hands Wash Away, B.H. Wernick viii

Lefties, M. B. Sheldon, 1

Left-Handed Surprise, Dennis Trujillo, 4

Bald Mountain Road, Robert L. Reich, 5

Hand Less Sinister, Larry Lefkowitz, 15

Rhapsody, Melita Schaum, 17

Done, Marilyn Johnston, 26

North and South, Jane Gibbish, 27

The Day Griffith the Golfer Joined the Left-Handed Club, Harlan Richards, 32

Bewitched, Bonnie Ogle, 33

My Left Isomer, Mary Orovan, 34

Paul Newmanís House, Lou Fisher, 35

Interesting Facts About Left-Handedness
and Left-Handed People, 43

The Genius, Abyd Chalke, 47

My Debut Bout, Dana Stamps, II, 60

Premise: Communication, 61

Dingbat Cipher, 62

Cover art by Kathleen Stuart