The Missing Letters
(vol. 29, no. 3, autumn 2017)

[stories, short-shorts, poems)

Apropos Africa, Pat Tompkins, viii

Finding the Words, Madonna Dries Christensen, 1

Zentangle design, Dottie Piet, 6

Missing Letters to the Folks,
Virginia McGee Butler, 7

A Letter to Write, Bonnie Young,.14

The Missing Letters, Michael Fontana,15

Vespertilio, Karl Wergeland, 19

The Man Who Collected Gods,
Andrew M. Seddon, 21

After G and Up to P, Laurinda Lind, 36

The Grid, Denise Heinze, 37

A_DYS DI_ER, John Grey, 57

Photograph, Kathleen Gunton, 59

Revised, Matthew J. Spireng, 60

Vacation Hold, Linda Griffin, 61

Four and Twenty, Beverly Boyd, 80

Felt Tip Pen, Lois Greene Stone, 81

Fast Food, Ruth Holzer, 84

Roadside Distraction,photograph, R. David Bowlus, 85

Cartoon, Devyani Borade, 86

Premise: Communication, 87

Cover photograph by Michele Ivy Davis