We Thought He'd Never Leave
(vol. 27, no. 3, autumn 2015)

[stories, short-shorts, poems

Debora’s Pen cartoon, Devyani Borade, viii

For All Concerned, Rachel Lister, 1

Breathless, James B. Nicola, 10

Lloyd Lives, Peter D. Gorman, 11

We Thought He’d Never Leave, Dori Appel, 25

The boundless, Erzsébet Gilbert , 27

Reptile Relaxing (photograph), Kathleen Gunton, 41

Out and About at Dawn, Jane Blanchard, 42

Sylvan Hills Compassionate Care Center,
January 10, Saturday Night
, Matthew Ryan Elliott, 43

You Forgot These, William Huhn, 47

Photograph, Eleanor Leonne Bennett , 69

Feedback on 4.5, Daniel Ari, 70

Not A Lily Pad, Beverly Boyd, 71

The Haunting, Randy F. Nelson, 73

Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up, Sarah Brown Weitzman, 89

Moving Along, A.H. Block, 91

Photograph, Eleanor Leonne Bennett, 106

Past Continuance, Larry Lefkowitz, 107

The Next One’s on Us, Laryssa Wirstiuk, 117

Premise: Communication, 119

Cover photograph by VHoward