When Things Get Back to Normal
(vol. 20, no. 3, autumn 2008)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

How to Know When Itís Over, Marjorie Bruhmuller, viii

Wild Parrots, Cheryl Mathis, 1

Katrinaís Aftermath, Virginia McGee Butler, 13

The First Day, Madonna Dries Christensen, 15

Turkey Run, Indiana, 1978, Brent Fisk, 22

The Day I Switched My Legs, Sky Andrews Gerspacher, 23

Waiting, Robert Raymer, 31

Clarity, Rose Hunter, 37

Dubrovnik, Old Town (photograph), Todd Covalcine, 40

The Heat, Teresa Burns Murphy, 41

After School, First of October, Jill Crammond Wickham, 65

Hula Baby, Zoey L. Brown, 67

Into the Duff, Rich Heller, 73

The Hound Dogs Ainít Nothings, James A. Stewart, 75

Great-Grandfatherís Rug Rats, Marvin Thrasher, 81

Spiral Ride, Marilyn E. Johnson, 84

The Mermaidsí Hostage, Jennifer R. Hubbard, 85

As the Young Lovers Leave, Lenny Lianne, 88

Equilibrium, Toby Tucker Hecht, 89

Two Hundred Fifty Dollars, Half Ounce, Two Cases, One and Three Quarter Liter Bottle, One Weekend,
Ryan Kenner, 106

Cross Road, Jeffrey Melton, 107

Cover photograph by Virginia Howard