The Neat Lady and the Colonel's Overalls
(vol. 28, no. 3, autumn 2016)

[stories, short-shorts, poems)

Lady in the Launderette, Tracy Davidson, viii

Tidy Dry Clean and Mend, V. J. Hamilton,1

The Neat Lady and the Colonelís Overalls,
Dottie Piet, 13

Orange Marigolds, Carol Louis Munn, 15

Love and Wit, James B. Nicola, 16

Spilt Bleach, Dean Scelec, 17

Silk Purse and Sowís Ear, John Grey 22

Brilliance and the Beast, Leslie Lewinter-Suskind, 23

Contemplations of a Colonelís Remembrances
of a Ukrainian Girl
, Nicole Yurcaba, 49

The Colonelís Last Stand, Charles Chapman, 51

The Overalls, Dennis Mintun, 60

The Great Gaslight Beer War, Gary R. Hoffman, 61

One-on-One, Stuart Jay Silverman, 73

Deboraís Pen cartoon, Devyani Borade, 74

Next, Jo Eckler, 75

Premise: Communication, 79

Dingbat Cipher, 83

Cover photograph by VHoward