Everybody Quit
(vol. 20, no. 1, spring 2008)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Preservation Hall, L. G. Mason, viii

The Tournament, Jennifer R. Hubbard, 1

First Job: Fast Food, Valerie Loveland, 12

Open, Michael Louis Falcone, 13

The Play Starts With ĎAct Ií, Jane Stuart, 25

The Last Dance, Madonna Dries Christensen, 27

Macon Springs, Illinois, 1939, Brent Fisk, 35

Neighbors, Robert Raymer, 37

White Fleet Taxi, Sandra Maddux-Creech, 51

Because History Was Passing, Margaret A. Frey, 55

Night at the Pier, Katherine H. Elwevar, 58

Acid Soil, June Freeman Baswell, 59

Trash Talk. O, Please. Everybody Quit,
Ruth Moon Kempher, 70

So Much Potential, Linda Berry, 71

The Game, 1958, Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, 81

The Wrong War, Thomas F. Dwyer, 83

Baghdad Villanelle, Louis Faber, 90

Talking on a Cell Phone? Everybody Quit! Now!,
Roz Warren, 91

Kingís Gold, Jesse Doiron 94

The Vacation Ainít Over Till Itís Over, James A. Stewart, 95

Premise: Communication, 101

Cover photograph by Virginia Howard