The Trip Not Taken
(vol. 23, no. 1, spring 2011)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Vacation Reversal, Jane Blanchard, viii

Dwell Time, Arthur Plotnik, 1

Photographing the Invisible, John Grey, 12

Erasing the Wall, Judy Bartlett Creekmore, 13

Travel Brochures, Keith N. Byler, 17

Something Like That, Jill Hudgins, 19

A World Elsewhere, David Alpaugh, 31

The Turning, Gail Taylor, 33

The Table Stirs, Philip Gruis, 57

A Gift of One Green Stone,
Ann Garrett & Gene-Michael Higney, 59

Ersatz Woodstock, Robert Cooperman, 67

Paused upon the Precipice, T. L. Sherwood, 69

The Trip Not Taken, Chris Abernethy, 72

The Ninth Life, Yance Wyatt, 73

Wisconsin, Lauren Camp, 91

Two Boats, photograph by Najib Joe Hakim, 94

Premise: Communication, 95

Cover photograph by Gerald Parker