White Wine Chilling
(vol. 25, no. 1, spring 2013)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Waiting for the White Wine to Chill,
illustration, D’Ann Gunn, viii

Wild Sock Eye, Norbert Petsch, 1

How To Survive A Hellish Day, Dennis Trujillo, 7

La Serenissima, Corinne D’Italia, 9

Hearing Voices at Al Purdy’s Grave,
Debbie Okun Hill, 12

There Was Also a Beautiful Nurse Wearing Red High Heels, Gary R. Hoffman, 13

Strut, Lorraine Merrin, 19

A Fulfilled Tontine, Marvin Thrasher, 21

Serving Dishes, Sandra Storey, 25

Housewarming, Elinor Davis, 27

After Two Months of Daily Migraines,
Susan Shaw Sailer, 38

Good Night, Mrs. Jones, Norman Weddle, 39

Relationship Refined, Ronald Edwin Lane, 47

Driven To It, Judy Swann, 54

White Wine Chilling, J. F. Peirce, 55

Torn Dress, Lost Another Shoe,
Stefanie Freele, 57

Karaoke, James B. Nicola, 59

Here’s to You!, illustration, Suzanne Stuhaug, 60

Cover photograph by Kathleen Gunton