Is There a Word for That?
(vol. 30, no. 1, spring 2018)

Cover photograph “Question the Answer”
by Kathleen Gunton

[stories, short-shorts, poems)

Termulous, Wally Swist, viii

A Pooh-Poohey, Virginia Howard, 1

That Language I Would Speak, Marilyn Johnston, 7

A Glutton’s Guide to Punishment,
Paul Schmidtberger, 9

Naming the Rock-Spirit, Laura McCoy, 19

What Do You Want to Call It?, Stanley Horowitz, 20

There’s Gotta Be a Word for That, V.J. Hamilton, 21

A Troubling, Rob Jackson, 28

The Rockbury Twins, Karen Loeb, 29

In Any Language, Lisa Timpf, 47

An author’s note, or, How This Book Happened
to Be
, Erzsébet Gilbert, 49

Enchanted by a Phrase #152, Jack Granath, 54

Sullivan’s Word, Dean Scelec, 55

Call It What You Want, Stanley Horowitz, 62

Is There a Word for That?, Gordon A. Graves, 63

Circles and Stripes, Stanley Horowitz, 66

Word of the Day, Paul Perilli, 67

Hudson Valley Veterinary Specialty Center,
Matthew J. Spireng, 70

The Pearl of Hex, Virginia Howard, 71

Dépaysement, Jessica Temple, 77

Cartoon, Devyani Borade, 78