A Week and a Day
(vol. 25, no. 2, summer 2013)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Monday Morning Again, Bonnie Young, viii

Buttons Up!, Devyani Borade, 1

Friendship’s Grey-Haired Posse, Gary R. Hoffman, 9

Art Quilt, CJ Giroux, 24

The Magic Circle, J. F. Peirce 29

Sierra Nevada Mountains, Ryan Peeters, 33

Half a Good Chance, Arleen Eagling, 35

Rondeau: Small World, Dana Stamps, II, 54

Useful, Craig J. Hegemann, 55

A Week and a Day, Evelyn Aholt, 66

Acceptable Losses, Susan Duke, 67

Looking Away, Marilyn E. Johnston, 83

Eight Days with the Yakatori Sisters, Jennifer Juneau, 85

The Airman and the Barmaid, Jennifer Falkner, 107

A Week and a Day, Dan Gellepes, 113

The Last Day of Camp, Robert Wooten, 116

Premise: Communication, 117

Dingbat Cipher, 118

Cover illustration by Suzanne Stuhaug