Lost in the Zoo
(vol. 28, no. 2, summer 2016)

[stories, short-shorts, poems)

Puzzled Penguins Wonder Why, Dennis Trujillo, viii

Escape from the Menagerie, Theodore Carter, 1

Tiger Eyes, photograph by Eleanor Bennett, 12

Chong Soup, J. T. Townley, 13

D.C. Lions, Betty Lipton, 30

The Second Gate, Charles Chapman, 31

Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City, 1966, Sarah Wolbach, 41

Pondering Life in the Company of Primates,
Bruce W. Glover, 43

Lost in the Zoo of To Be, Janet McCann, 61

Lost and Found, Heather Klassen, 63

Aquarium, Alan Harawitz, 68

Montana, Deborah Rocheleau, 69

Chauvet Cave, Joan Alice Wood Kimball, 73

Zoo Mischief, illustration by VHoward, 74

James’ Miserable End, Madeline McEwen, 75

This Way In, John Grey, 93

The Ghost-Dog of Stockton Bridge,
Andrew M. Seddon, 95

Pilgrimage, Ray Keifetz, 107

Debora’s Pen, cartoon by Devyani Borade, 109

Xiao Liwu, photograph by VHoward, 110

Cover photograph by Kathleen Gunton