Drop the Zucchini and Run!
(vol. 29, no. 1, spring 2017)

[stories, short-shorts, poems)

Pickles Cartoon, Brian Crane, 1

Mesa Verde, Eric Butler, 2

The Vushmar, Chris Carbaugh, 3

Photograph: Zucchini Lovers (MamaLuís boys)
by Chris Carbaugh, 14

Recipe and Poem, from Cooking with the Muse, 15

Golden Savannah Zucchini, Corn, and Beet Soup

Attack of the Squash People, Marge Piercy

She Drops the Zucchini and Runs,
Jeanie Greensfelder, 20

Close Your Ears Mother Goose,
Leslie Lewinter-Suskind, 21

Danger Everywhere, Mary Singer, 49

Blame It on the Zucchini, Lisa Timpf, 51

Biscuits, Jeff Fleischer, 63

Con Molto Zucchini, Daniel Williams, 68

Drop the Zucchini and Run, Dottie Piet, 69

Ode to Zucchini, Ann Howells, 72

Premise: Communication, 73

Dingbat Cipher, 77

Cover photograph by VHoward