Addie Hasn't Been the Same. . .
(vol. 13, no. 1, spring 2001)

[stories, short-shorts, and poems]

Before Uncertainty, Rebecca Lee Yates

Slippery When Wet, Thérèse Moinard

Addie’s Patch, Marilyn Johnston

Salmon Fishing, Frank Van Zant

After Thought, Lauren Hines

Local Merchant Dies at Sea, Christopher Brisson

Addie’s Last Word, Ben Satterfield

Faithful Are the Wounds of a Friend, Eileen Connell Cella

True Friendship, Margaret B. Davidson

Another Skirmish in Addie’s War,
Lianne Elizabeth Mercer

Day/Night/Fear/Hell, Susan Terris

The Abalone Stick Pin, Nora Ruth Roberts

Since the Hurricane, Mimi Moriarty

That’s What Friends Are For, Diane Stevens

The Healthiest Boy in Ironwood, Helene LaBrecque Ellis

Addie’s Choice, Dorothy Winslow Wright

Matters of Circumstance, Linda Diamond

Rib-Bit, Nancy Gronbach

COVER by Cheryl Panfil