Bookstore Cowboy
(vol. 17, no. 3, autumn 2005)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Afterhours, Margarita Engle, viii

Benjy’s Cowboy, Pamela M. Patton, 1

What You’ve Always Wanted, Jennifer R. Hubbard, 11

Herding Volumes, Dory L. Hudspeth, 18

Afternoon Cowboy, Josh Karaczewski, 19

Cowboys at the Bookstore, Cherise Wyneken, 24

Civilized Showdown, Jay Farrell, 25

Chronicle, Carolyn Jennings, 36

Bookstore Cowboy, Yvonne Garrett, 37

Trail’s End, Marie Ivan, 47

We’ve Done All This Before, Kristin Guile, 49

Mall Ranger, Jeff Berry, 71

The Shootout at the Cowboy Bookstore, J. F. Peirce, 75

Next Guy in Line, John Grey, 86

Hiding in the Classics, Barbara E. Brink, 87

Cowboibliography, Almira Gulch, 97

Don’t Call Me “Ishmael,” Larry Lefkowitz, 101