The Wrong Cart
(vol. 12, no. 1, spring 2000)

[stories, short-shorts, and poems]

Aim Well My Young Friend, Stephen D. Rogers

Wrong, Wrong and Wrong Again, Joan Boswell

The Wrong One, Christina K. Hutchins

Squints, Frank Caceres

Sojourner Detour, Nancy Gronbach

Checking Out the Carts, John Grey

Generous Jillian, Ann LeValley Oehler

Plans, Carla M. Panciera

Strangers in the Supermarket, Jill Williams

Mr. Wrong Cart, Sara Jordan

No Carts, Daniel Green

Carretas de la Muerte, J. F. Peirce

The Middle of the Load, Lynn Veach Sadler

Third Person Omniscient, Daniel A. Olivas

Just a Few Things, Joseph M. Giardiello

The Wrong Cart, James S. Benedict, MD