Just Describe Them to Me
(vol. 18, no. 3, autumn 2006)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

A Mother Needing Answers, Anne Chapman Callaghan viii

Seeing for the First Time, James A. Stewart, 1

Mrs. McGrady’s Vision, Janice M. McDonald, 5

When the Ground Moves, Jill Patterson, 7

The Nerve of Some Metaphors, Louis Gallo, 18

A Smile to Swallow It All, Todd Covalcine, 19

Visibility, Tina Klimas, 22

A Talent for Art, Caitlin Burke, 25

Doppler Effect, Lenny Lianne, 33

Anna’s Story, Steven Lautermilch, 35

What Heaven Is Like, Priscilla Atkins, 43

Dad, Looking Up, Michelle Mulder, 45

The Topography of a Wake, Stefanie Freele, 63

Christmas Cookies, Judith Hoy, 65

The Loss, Brent Fisk, 75

Ants, M. M. De Voe, 77

Beyond Words, Shari O’Brien, 100

Wanted: Bird Dog to Accompany Me While I Sleep,
     Gayla Chaney, 101

Extremely Adequate, David Jordan, 107

A Window on Java, James Penha,109

A Law of Matter, Larry Lefkowitz, 113


Cover: photograph by Roy S. Haley