Hey, Watch This!
(vol. 17, no. 2, summer 2005)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Hey, Watch This!, Pat Schneider, viii

The Train Tracks, Jennifer R. Hubbard, 1

Motherís Cotton Rebellion, Penny Perry, 3

Bugsy, Louis Gallo, 17

Taste Delicacies with Discretion, Serena Alibhai, 19

Venetian Love Song, James Penha, 28

Observations from Table Six, Nancy Sweetland, 29

Dancing Nephew, Jean L. Kreiling, 36

Anybody, Lynn Stearns, 37

Stand-Up, Jacquie Juers, 39

Shoes: A Romance, Elizabeth Volpe, 57

New World Water, Serena Alibhai, 59

The Black and White of Watching, Pamela Hughes, 73

Who Dares, Wins, Peggy Tabor Millin, 75

An Alarum, or Thereby Hangs a Tale, Peggy C. Hall, 93

Birth, Carol V. Paul, 95

Cover photograph by Oscar C. Williams