Lost in Translation
(vol. 15, no. 2, summer 2003)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Like You, Like Me, Linda Berry, viii

Unvanquished, Sid Gustafson, 1

Counting to Ten, Anthony Cartee, 8

The Mountains Speak Aymara, Toni Plummer, 9

Brochure, John Grey, 19

The Volunteer, Vincent G. Barnes, 21

In November, L. G. Mason, 34

R.S.V.P., Toby Tucker Hecht, 35

Snowflakes and Fire, Judith F. Bullock, 49

Translation,  Louis Gallo, 52

Poetics, Rob Hardy, 53

Imperial Truth, James Penha, 67

Jesus Savant, Heidi Cyr, 69

Sunscape, Barry Ballard, 76

What Did It Say?, David Jordan, 77

The Boy Next Door, Beryle Williams, 87

A Place for Everything, Tom Miller Juvik, 89

Words, Over a Small Tom, Nancy G. Westerfield, 102

The Elizabethan, Larry Lefkowitz, 103

great-uncle, Pete Lee, 108

Cover by VHoward