Magnolias in My Briefcase
(vol. 11, no. 2, summer 1999)

[stories, short-shorts, and poems]

Remembering Childhood, Janice Williams

Face Off, Joan Boswell

The Professor, Binnie Pasquier

Returning the Tests, Valerie Loveland

The Wake-Up Call, J. F. Peirce

Crystals, Suzanne Sutton

Magnolias in the Garden, Marilynn Fournet Adams

Tragic Duty, Shawn Krest

Executive Wife, Sheryl Slocum

The Letter of the Law, Linda Berry

The Hysterical Past, Marilyn E. Johnston

The Search for a Sensitive Man, Susan Vance

Timid Lady Rides the Redline, Jean Lorraine Tupper

When Buds Blossom, Barbara Anton

The Flower Shop, Tara Adams

No Admittance, James A. Gonda

tuscaloosa chiffonade, Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis