Safety in Numbers
(vol. 13, no. 3, autumn 2001)

Contents [stories, short-shorts, and poems]

Germany Calling , Diane Dees Tobiason

Safety? In Numbers?, Marvin Thrasher

Adam in Eden, Constance Vogel

Andean Moonshine, Kevin E. Courtney

The Numbers Game, Penny Perry

Another Monday Morning, Edward Beatty

Once There Was a Girl Who Worked in a Coffee

Shop, Ayêe Papatya Bucak

Incident at Keekorok, Daniel Green

Liberty Bell 7, Norbert Petsch

After Vesuvius, Jennifer Cody Epstein

What Didn’t Happen, Jill Moore

You Have to Have a Permit, Jim Sharp

The Winter-gnat, L. G. Mason

The Color of Elk, Sid Gustafson

Safety in Numbers, John Grey

So Many Stars, Anne Marie Bancroft

The Secret, Beryle Williams

John 9:39, Teri Grimm

Cover photo: “Neighborhood Gang, 1960s”
by Barbara Diltz Chandler