Rage over a Lost Penny
(vol. 19, no. 1, spring 2007)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Rage over a Lost Penny, Thomas Toerpe, viii

The Penny, Edmond deRubeis, 1

Boyhood Struggle, Angela Castillo, 10

A Ha’ Penny Will Do, Donna Johnson, 11

Blow Up, Janice M. McDonald, 14

Joseph’s Mother, Peter Dudley, 15

Ruminations of One House-Bound Northerner,
Cynthia Winfield, 26

The Beachcomber’s Apprentice, Gale W. Erlandson, 29

Lemonade Stand, Dan Stryk, 56

1938D, June Freeman Baswell, 57

Pennies in My Pocket, Nikki Connolly, 63

Magnets of Faith and Knowing, Matt Dennison, 65

Wishes Missed, Dana Stamps II, 78

Pressed Penny, Amy Silver, 79

Loss of a Lucky Penny, Elizabeth Batch, 82

What’s Coming to Me, Linda Berry, 83

Descended from Dreams, Susan B. Cowger, 90

A Penny by Any Other Name, C. Evans Mylonas, 91

Rage Over a Lost Penny, Natalie Gallon, 96

The Cat, Lolette Kuby, 97

Premise: Communication, 105

Cover: composite by VHoward