The Renaissance Child
(vol. 18, no. 2, summer 2006)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

The Sleep Artist, Brent Fisk, viii

Following the Cat, Robert Raymer, 1

The Climber, Lianne Spidel, 13

A Small Village on a Large Continent,
Abidemi Adegbola, 15

A Child’s Image of Renaissance, Marian M. Poe, 19

Astuteness, Regina Robbins Flynn, 30

Second Daughter of Henry VIII, Beverly Boyd, 31

photograph, Oscar C. Williams, 34

The Truth About Mollie, Jennifer R. Hubbard, 35

Emmaline, Judy Penz Sheluk, 43

Chosen, J. F. Peirce, 45

Portrait of an Artist as a Farm Kid, Edward Beatty, 60

The Language, Kathie Giorgio, 61

Attic Flute, Claire Keyes, 72

Best Choices, Lois Bennett, 73

Forming, Cassie Kosty, 88

The Portrait, Lies Keogh-Derks, 89

Portrait by an Unknown Girl, Sarah Voss, 92

Patsy Cline Dreaming, Margaret A. Frey, 93

Down at the Creek, Pepper Trail, 108

I Am Not, Larry Lefkowitz, 109

photograph, Kyana Taillon, 110

Cover: photograph by R. David Bowlus