What Sarah [or Edward] Remembered...
(vol. 14, no. 1, spring 2002)

[stories, short-shorts, and poems]

Brain Food, Nancy Gronbach

Like Jewels, Carla Panciera

Keeping Score, Christopher Brisson

What Sarah Forgot, Merilyn Wakefield

Sorting Laundry, Amanda Cera

Song to My Spouse, Susan Terris

Eternal Youth, Kerry Langan

Trying to Remember, Sheryl Slocum

Plunger Woman, Penny Perry

Bakersí Hands, Laura J. Bobrow

What Sarah Remembered, Ina Valeria Doyle

The Spell of Thaumaturgy, James Penha

Shooting into a Mirror, Marilyn E. Johnston

Total Recall, Miriam Novogrodsky

The Stand-In, S. J. Selby

Selective Memory, Joanne Seltzer

Flower from a Childís Garden of Memories
Patricia Gordon Russell

Sarah, remembering (photograph)

Contributing Memberís Corner, Joan Friend

COVER by Cheryl Panfil