(vol. 13, no. 2, summer 2001)

Contents [stories, short-shorts, and poems]

Scrapbooks, Kaye Bache-Snyder

The Rope, Jack Foster

Crazy Quilt, 1918, Lenore Hart

Circle of Braids, Lorene Hoover

Cutting a Pattern, Nancy G. Westerfield

Domestic Tarot, Kristin Reed

The Abersychan Writers Group, David Rachel

Academiesingel 42, David A. Bowles

Scrap, James Penha

Coakly’s Dawn, Kemp Pheley

Generation Gap, Glenna Holloway

Mourning in May, M. L. Krueger

Scraps, Ilene Herman

Retinal Detachment, Louis Gallo

A Case of Identity, Thomas F. Dwyer

Juliet, Revealed, Linda Muhlhausen

Faint Fragrance, Doris Lakey

Beside the Garage, William Sheldon

Scrapple, Christine Elson

Glue, Kit Coyne Irwin

COVER by Judy Phipps