Stone, Paper, Scissors
(vol. 16, no. 3, autumn 2004)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

The Man in Five-A, Will Ackerman, 1

Grizzle-Pa’s Garden, Caitlin Burke, 9

Paper Bullet, David Jordan, 24

What To Delete, What To Keep, M. L. Krueger, 25

Ozymandias: Monday’s Theme, Nancy G. Westerfield, 30

New Baghdad , Kenneth W. Meyer, 31

You Below, Mike White, 38

Blind Spot, Jack Matthews, 39

Roshambo, Lisa Gluskin, 46

Stone, Paper and Scissors, Jim Vadeboncoeur, 47

Stone, Paper, Scissors, Gina Lee, 52

Destiny’s Day Off, Lauren Faulkenberry, 53

An Indonesian Variation,  74

This River Hill, Joan Alice Kimball, 75

The Moonlight Never Misses an Appointment,
Ken Serrano, 77

Paper Wakes, Steve Dimeo, 87

Molly Makes Her Choice, Kelley Holmstrom, 89

“Janken Pon!”, Kevin Simmonds, 94

An Examination of Tri-Dominate Game-Magic Since the Global Paleolithic Epoch, Timothy Deshler, 95

Scissors, Rock, Paper, Linda Elkin, 100