Off on a Tangent
(vol. 16, no. 1, spring 2004)

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[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Tangential, Sabina C. Becker, viii

The Wrong Train, Kevin Frazier, 1

His Horses, His Foxes, John Grey, 9

Klonya, Leslie Lewinter-Suskind, 11

Sylvia’s World, Judy Penz Sheluk, 25

The Welcoming, Donna Nowak, 27

Envy, Edith Pearlman, 37

At the Filling Station, Louis Gallo, 40

Tangential Dreams, Marlene M. Miller, 41

Swallowing a Pin, Marilyn E. Johnston, 55

My Neighbor’s House, Rayne Ayers Debski, 57

Faraway Places, Linda Berry, 61

Captive, Dorothy Stone, 68

Address Book, Henry Wong, 71

Imaginary Flight to Costa Rica, Priscilla Atkins, 78

What’s the Point?, James M. Bellarosa, 79

The First Year, Ellen Wehle, 86

Cool Asian Fire, Peter B Fagan, 87

Premise: Communication, 93

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