Paper Tigers
(vol. 15, no. 1, spring 2003)


The Germans Reach the Pisgah Pike, Helen Irvin, 1

Origami Prince, Nancy Tupper Ling, 6

Butter, M. L. Krueger, 7

Max’s Paper Tiger, James Penha, 14

Bully for Rosalie!, Lynn Veach Sadler, 15

The Games We Played, Del Palmer, 17

Her Last Art, Shakira Hatta, 26

Toothless Tigers, Kaye Bache-Snyder, 27

Watercolor Project: Tigers, Valerie Loveland, 32

HiLine, Sid Gustafson, 33

In Memoriam, L.Z., Marilyn E. Johnston, 43

Miss Elly’s Fish Fry, Helen Alene Pollack, 45

The Last Menagerie, Nancy G. Westerfield, 52

Function, Holly Farris, 53

Mask, Gina Lee, 57

The Great Fiona, Penny Perry, 59

Who Loved Their Babies More, Sue Burke, 74

College Cats, David Jordan, 75

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright!, J. F. Peirce, 77

Storybook Ending, Ellen Roberts Young, 96

Contributing Members’ Corner, 97

Premise: Communication, 99

Cover photo by VHoward