Unprepared for Adventure
(vol. 21, no. 2, summer 2009)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Sand dunes (photo), Chuck Graham, viii

Between Flights, Jeanette Reid, 1

Mammoth Cave, Angele Ellis, 8

Heading West, Gayla Chaney, 9

Lines Cast, John Savoie, 17

Being Unprepared, K. C. Wilson, 19

How To Run for Your Life: A Guide to Running with
the Bulls of San Fermín
, Julian Zabalbeascoa, 23

The First Day of Camp, Robert Wooten, 36

Second Opinion, Laura Dragon, 37

Sunday School, Marianne Kunkel, 43

Dog Day, Louis Gallo, 45

The ad said, “Needs TLC” (photo), Michele Ivy Davis, 46

The Bridge, Kathleen Rockwood 47

Octopus at Discovery Place Museum,
Kristin Cammita Zimet 57

IWASMIA, Carl F. Thompson, Jr. 59

Unabomber and I, Arthur Plotnik 79

Martha, Tony Lusvardi 81

A Page from My Diary (Going Home: New York City, 1989), Rosalie Calabrese 95

The Pensione Désirée, Margaret Hermes 97

Daddy’s DDT, Beverly Boyd 113

Unprepared for This Adventure, Kaye Bache-Snyder 115

Suspension, Jeanette Reid, 120