On the Road to the Villa
(vol. 12, no. 2, summer 2000)

[stories, short-shorts, and poems]

Between a Rock and Hard Place, Nancy Gronbach

Insurance, Ann Cooper

Pastoral, Ann Kucera

Happy Fish Villa, Susan Terris

Paul Robeson Died Alone, Muriel Moulton

Visitor, Carol Kanter

The Carving Knife, First Held, John Sullivan

Close to San Miguel, C. M. Mayo

Sudden Vistas, Liza Hyatt

Boundless Riches, Joan Sewell

On the Road to the Villa, Marie-NoŽlle Gay

The Convoy, Christine Darcas

On an Overgrown Path, L. G. Mason

The Road to Emdeber, Kathleen Moore

In Time Suspended, Kaye Bache-Snyder

Paths, Susanne R. Bowers