The Power of Whim
(vol. 14, no. 3, autumn 2002)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Whim on the Range, Nicholas J. Centanni, viii

Irene Makes Dinner, Jonathan E. Sanders, 1

Where the Answers Lie, Greg Boettcher, 15

Stars and the Pulse of Heaven,
Carolyn Matthews, 17

Louise Nevelson: Architect of Shadows, Susan Terris, 28

Breaking Routine, Gina Lee, 29

Carly’s Name, David Jordan, 35

Greta on Sundays, Beth Bahler, 37

The Kiss on Your Cheek, John Grey, 44

Point of Distraction, Jody Lisberger, 45

The Yellow Gloves, Nancy G. Westerfield, 58

Her Choice, Leah Hamann, 59

Gossamer Cosmos, Virgil Suárez, 69

The Secret Lives of Purses,
Diane Hoover Bechtler, 71

On Board, David J. Langton, 74

Lives of Quiet Desperation, Mickey Davis, 75

Out on a Whim, James Penha, 80

The Whim of Wing Chun, Julie A. Jacob, 81

Night Riders, Kaye Bache-Snyder, 93

Premise: Communications, 95

Cover collage by Aunya Byrd