Written in Stone
(vol. 19, no. 3, autumn 2007)

[stories, short-shorts, poems]

Photograph, Kathleen Gunton, viii

The Taste of Pebbles, Vanessa Gebbie, 1

Evapoetry in Beijing, James Penha, 6

Hearts in Stone, Ann Walters, 7

Patrimony, Joan Alice Kimball, 10

Poles of Stone, Ron Flannery, 11

The Stone Child, Fredrick Zydek, 13

Message from the Past, Nancy Sweetland, 15

First Anniversary of Wife’s Passing, Cristine A. Gruber, 22

Below the Bottom Line, J. F. Peirce, 23

Preservation, Bonnie Young, 28

Camel Baby Steps, Swapna Kishore, 29

Photograph, R. David Bowlus, 46

The Labyrinth in the Garden, Pat Tompkins, 47

Photograph, Phil Gruis, 48

Progress, Brenda Kezar, 49

Aggregate, Phil Gruis, 55

Matriarch’s Privilege, S. D. Abraham, 57

Graffiti – Then and Now, Sabine Barcatta, 70

Petroglyph, Karolyn Redoute, 71

Hawaiian Hairdo, Gay Degani, 73

Photograph, Nicolette Matt, 82

Premise: Communication, 83

Cover photograph by Nicolette Matt